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11:12 PM JDownloader Feature #87692: similar to reCaptcha
Docs/API under


07:30 PM JDownloader Feature #87516: MultiHoster:
Is this feature request really up to date?
The hosterlist has no updates since SO is down.
See https://www.cboxer...
07:24 PM JDownloader Feature #87562: Multihoster
No answer? No account? Is this wish gone after 3 months?


07:31 AM JDownloader Feature #78244 (Waiting for Feedback): Multihoster:
Ticket is a little old but unsolved?
Website login says "Login/E-mail ou senha inválida!" (=Invalid login/email or p...


06:06 AM JDownloader Bug #83193 (Waiting for Feedback): Controlling: check/fix handling of multihoster result
Problem solved? I'm unsure.
This description is too small in my opinion.
03:36 AM JDownloader Feature #87626 (Waiting for Feedback): Multihoster:
Service is down with this message "We'll be back soon".
03:26 AM JDownloader Feature #87689: Auto reset all "plugin defect" URLs after plugin update
Useful, yes. But Event Scripter is not enough in this special case?
03:18 AM JDownloader Bug #85349 (Waiting for Feedback): Captcha: Solvemedia issues
No new log. User is gone? Problem too?
03:13 AM JDownloader Bug #11414 (Closed): Advanced setting -> "CaptchaSettings: Captcha Dialogs" --> Wrong description
Not found (e.g. "CaptchaSettings: Captcha Dialogs" in the language files). This function or description is gone in JD...


06:06 AM JDownloader Feature #84319: Decrypter:
Multi-click captcha support is already supported in JD as image. See kissanime plugin.

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