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12:21 PM JDownloader Bug #88594: Extension: Users can break the "Add links" procedure by setting bad extension settings
Fixed with browser extension version 3.3.5
"Add links" dialog is force-activated if "Ask every time" is the preferre...


07:41 PM JDownloader Bug #88112: DevsOnly: MyJDownloader Webinterface-> Extension ->RecaptchaV3 broken
Sorry, there seems to be another issue that was not fixed with 3.3.4.
I am able to reproduce it and will provide a ...
07:31 PM JDownloader Bug #88112: DevsOnly: MyJDownloader Webinterface-> Extension ->RecaptchaV3 broken
-Issue was fixed with extension version 3.3.4.-
- Chrome users should already have the fix
- Firefox will receive t...


03:20 PM JDownloader Feature #88499 (New): Web Extension: JDownloader should implement Native Messaging Host Protocol
As an alternative or replacement for the localhost API JDownloader should implement a "Native Messaging" host.


06:11 PM MyJDownloader Website Bug #88457 (New): Deep links should wait for the client to do a reconnect (Unknown JDownloader ID)
*current behaviour:*
If a deep link is used and the session of the client needs a reconnect (token exception), the ...


03:05 PM JDownloader Feature #87692: similar to reCaptcha
working on this. localhost not allowed -> needs to be handled by browser extensions and apps.


11:25 AM JDownloader Feature #68313 (Closed): Add a MyJDownloader tab to JDownloader
Add a dedicated tab to promote MyJDownloader and to support better integration into JDownloader.
Add feature ideas...


10:49 AM MyJDownloader Android App Feature #66103 (New): Email-less registration / password change
- App creates secret, sends secret + GCM Reg ID over https
- Key is send via email + GCM (encrypted with secret)
- ...


10:44 AM JDownloader Feature #64609 (New): JD Shutdown: Execute JD Shutdown when stopmark is reached
+User request:+
Currently, JD Shutdown is executed after all downloads are finished.
User wants to choose after whi...


04:13 PM JDownloader Feature #63516 (New): MyJDownloader: On the fly changes of direct connection mode
For changes in the direct connection settings to take effect, it's necessary to manually reconnect
the d...

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