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03:05 PM JDownloader Feature #87692: similar to reCaptcha
working on this. localhost not allowed -> needs to be handled by browser extensions and apps.


11:25 AM JDownloader Feature #68313 (Closed): Add a MyJDownloader tab to JDownloader
Add a dedicated tab to promote MyJDownloader and to support better integration into JDownloader.
Add feature ideas...


10:49 AM MyJDownloader Android App Feature #66103 (New): Email-less registration / password change
- App creates secret, sends secret + GCM Reg ID over https
- Key is send via email + GCM (encrypted with secret)
- ...


10:44 AM JDownloader Feature #64609 (New): JD Shutdown: Execute JD Shutdown when stopmark is reached
+User request:+
Currently, JD Shutdown is executed after all downloads are finished.
User wants to choose after whi...


04:13 PM JDownloader Feature #63516 (New): MyJDownloader: On the fly changes of direct connection mode
For changes in the direct connection settings to take effect, it's necessary to manually reconnect
the d...
02:58 PM JDownloader Feature #63514 (New): MyJDownloader: List of clients with active sessions
+Feature Request:+
The MyJD Server should provide a list of active client sessions for the logged in user.


05:14 PM JDownloader Feature #63095 (New): MyJDownloader: Show QR Code to login with app
Show a QR code in the MyJDownloader tab that can be scanned
with the Android or other mobile apps.
This QR code s...


11:30 AM JDownloader Feature #62756 (New): DownloaderControllerEventPublisher: Additional PACKAGE_UPDATE events needed
Example: if all package children are enabled, no PACKAGE_UPDATE.enabled event is fired.
Remote clients that use lazy...


11:00 AM JDownloader Bug #62618 (New): Headless: JD constantly reports available updates
User is reporting[1] that he has to kill JDownloader to get rid of persistent update notifications.
After update and...


10:41 AM JDownloader Bug #62337 (New): Captcha Solver: Unlimited captcha solving retries
+Issue reported by user:+
_1. Anscheinend denkt J...

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