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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
75027JDownloaderBugNewNormalDelete added container dialog: Add auto-linebreak or at least possibility to resize that.11/10/2015 06:56 PM
1702JDownloaderBugNewNormaldelete folder if it contains the info file written by jdinfofilewriter10/09/2010 07:31 AM
2266JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDeletion of Link, deletes in progress download filejiaz12/01/2014 12:14 PM hoster plugin, account support out of date08/24/2020 06:02 PM
6327JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsOnly: Shutdown settings kept after restart04/26/2014 01:49 PM
85608JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: Input/output errorjiaz06/15/2018 05:02 PM
86663JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: AccountController, AccountUnavailableExceptionjiaz02/18/2019 01:05 PM
85644JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsOnly: add special error handling for Network is unreachable: connect07/02/2018 05:07 PM
81464JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: After Update there are classloading issues with NewTheme/Synthethica....jiaz09/04/2019 11:21 AM
88426JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: Captcha, waitFor advanced settings issuesjiaz06/03/2020 01:36 PM
86900JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDevsOnly: check autolearn XPTjiaz04/09/2019 10:00 AM
84901JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDevsOnly: check windows clipboard monitoringjiaz03/02/2018 07:12 PM
75845JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: headless dialogs, logic_countdown issuescoalado11/25/2015 04:01 PM
6372JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsonly: jsonconfig, provide annotation to hide plaintext view06/05/2013 08:54 AM
88298JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: linkcheck/crawler synchronization issuesjiaz05/18/2020 07:14 PM
86828JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsOnly: Linkcrawler Rules: add custom result builder03/20/2019 09:44 AM
5939JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsOnly: loguploading, OOM , upload of large logs failscoalado06/04/2013 03:21 PM
88112JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDevsOnly: MyJDownloader Webinterface-> Extension ->RecaptchaV3 broken | and some more Extension issuesmrc09/29/2020 11:42 AM
85013JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: oldRAF resume validation issuejiaz01/16/2018 03:25 PM
80819JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: PhantomJS JS issuecoalado09/11/2016 02:36 PM
84886JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: proxy auth issues?jiaz07/09/2019 08:24 AM
83345JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: recaptcha v2, phantomjscoalado04/18/2017 03:38 PM
85120JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: review auto confirm offline handlingjiaz02/13/2018 09:21 AM
88198JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDevsOnly: review Http/Socks Proxy timeout handlingjiaz09/22/2020 05:09 PM
6305JDownloaderBugNewNormalDevsOnly: sign mac version to avoid firewall dialog pop up again and again06/04/2013 03:11 PM
85846JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: SingleInstance handling during updatesjiaz08/17/2018 06:32 PM
65416JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: Umwandlung VTT -> SRT fehlerhaftpspzockerscene06/09/2015 03:38 PM
81387JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: update .toLocale (for case insensitive handling) to use better handle special language stuffjiaz10/17/2016 02:00 PM
76542JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: update bugjiaz01/06/2016 06:39 PM
10848JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: update downloadsystem jiaz07/06/2020 05:18 PM
79247JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDevsOnly: update linux installercoalado05/31/2016 10:58 AM
8493JDownloaderBugNewNormalDEVSONLY: write own clipStringIfNecessarycoalado05/23/2013 03:41 PM
56882JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDialog no longer functionaljiaz11/14/2014 08:55 PM
8487JDownloaderBugNewHighDialog queue for Crawlingcoalado06/04/2013 12:25 PM
87762JDownloaderBugNewNormalDirect gateway name add network interface namejiaz03/09/2020 03:29 PM
87738JDownloaderBugAssignedNormaldirecturl is not downloadablejiaz03/05/2020 07:08 PM
54837JDownloaderBugWaiting for FeedbackLowDiscuss Share Cookies with Browser?04/27/2015 02:57 PM
44289JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDisk full --> Bad behavior for links with unknown filesizejiaz12/10/2015 09:27 AM
62421JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDisk full = JD creates empty foldersjiaz06/28/2015 09:02 AM broken09/28/2020 03:45 PM
83614JDownloaderBugNewNormalDLC: URL fails because of "variant: null"jiaz06/01/2017 10:11 AM
5814JDownloaderBugNewNormalDoes not work offline removal options in the tab Downloadscoalado06/04/2013 03:24 PM
71195JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDomain Rules > Limit downloads per host using a multi-hoster accountjiaz09/18/2015 05:36 PM
87655JDownloaderBugNewNormalDomainRules, add support to customize max chunks or forced chunksjiaz12/12/2019 09:56 PM
10939JDownloaderBugNewNormalDownload a file -> Stop it -> Delete the .part -> Resume download -> Broken file01/08/2014 08:13 PM
61561JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDownload Core: Range Header: jiaz01/09/2015 04:02 PM
23202JDownloaderBugNewNormalDownload Core: review against new corejiaz03/21/2014 09:05 AM
10427JDownloaderBugNewNormalDownload links with unknown filesize -> ETA is wrongjiaz11/20/2013 05:36 PM
9574JDownloaderBugNewNormalDownload Overview: Settings won't close with 2nd click09/27/2013 02:34 PM
56872JDownloaderBugAssignedNormalDownloadlist custom context menu: Items which are supposed to be visible all the time are notcoalado11/05/2014 05:21 PM

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