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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
64756JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalWrite-protect dialog with loglink04/20/2015 04:12 PM
64845JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalExtension: scheduler add restart command04/24/2015 09:03 AM
64936JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalAdd column: Number of links (in a package)04/26/2015 09:52 PM
64949JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add checkbox do linkcheck on/off in add links dialog to disable/enable for current addLinksJob04/27/2015 10:38 AM
64983JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: About window stats.04/28/2015 08:12 AM
64984JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalImprove DownloadLink comment field04/30/2015 05:44 PM
64995JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add advanced options to set max number of balloons04/28/2015 04:23 PM
65038JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalTable quickfilter (Downloadlist views): Add "Forced downloads" view06/23/2020 01:21 PM
65049JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: auto detect another app fullscreen mode and enable silent mode/disable popups04/30/2015 09:16 AM
65106JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: customize time formatter in logging system05/03/2015 12:39 PM
65253JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: socks proxy option for dns resolve local/remote05/08/2015 06:23 PM
65355JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: bring back old search method to loop through results05/11/2015 02:11 PM
65369JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalContext menu customizer: Add possibility to add "Open in browser" actions for all kinds of urls we have05/11/2015 07:01 PM
65440JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: gif zu webm, ffmpeg? Variant support05/14/2015 10:39 AM
65699JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGeneral: tagging media files05/07/2020 09:22 AM
65702JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: optional "ignore disabled links"05/22/2015 02:45 PM
65721JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: ContextMenu > find a nice way to remove (hoster,selected...) from selection/package/list05/25/2015 08:39 AM
65834JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalAdvanced: Options to enable/disble each supported function(archive extractor, light tray) setting with checkbox05/31/2015 08:14 PM
65983JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: extract to custom folder menu action06/07/2015 03:14 PM
65992MyJDownloader WebsiteFeatureNewNormalAdd support for 2nd factor auth06/08/2015 01:51 PM
66058JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: update and restart01/04/2017 05:18 PM
66081JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: sort by, show list of all columns06/11/2015 08:26 PM
66105JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: undo feature in properties panel06/12/2015 02:17 PM
66268JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: captcha dialog, redesign to show abort methods on abort or multiple abort buttons06/18/2015 07:34 PM
66273JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalExtension: Read Tags from Audio/Video and provide info to packagizer06/17/2015 10:44 AM
66330JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: manual reconnect non blocking06/18/2015 09:33 PM
66385JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: customized extract settings via menu-extras-extract06/20/2015 09:44 AM
66412JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalPackagizer: move file after download06/21/2015 09:50 AM
66570JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: rebind arrow actions or add support to add custom bind06/27/2015 03:19 PM
66621JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: Neue Profieinstellung: Mauszeiger-Rename abschaltbar machen.06/29/2015 10:42 AM
66629JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalScheduler: add option to set max downloads per host06/29/2015 06:20 PM
66699JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: disable or confim drag/drop 07/01/2015 06:23 PM
66727JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add warning /abort about moving files when changing folder07/15/2015 09:48 AM
66807JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: allow x concurrent hashchecks, advanced settings07/07/2015 07:05 PM
66808JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: advanced settings to select name without extension in rename dialog07/07/2015 03:30 PM
66818JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDevsOnly: official ubuntu/debian repository07/08/2015 09:17 AM
66824JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalUpdater: AutoUpdate while/before reconnect07/08/2015 01:24 PM
66909JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: Load Container Dialog, also provide options from AddLinks Dialog07/12/2015 10:02 AM
66963JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: button to toggle html flavor in clipboard monitoring07/15/2015 09:57 AM
66964JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: archive-> check complete, load from part 1 to end07/15/2015 09:58 AM
67078JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: Show number of affected links in status icon/column08/02/2015 05:36 PM
67220JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: reset action in menubar07/19/2015 06:21 PM
67293JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: add plugin support for finer getMaxSimultanDownload07/20/2015 01:52 PM
67539JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: find idea how packagizer can decide on multiple links/results07/24/2015 12:13 PM
67735JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add auto close timer to manual reconnect07/27/2015 02:22 PM
67907JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: customize "move to package" action07/29/2015 07:44 PM
67949JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalEventscripter: (advanced) options for permissions07/30/2015 08:12 AM
68372JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add merge action, different from "move to new"08/06/2015 08:21 AM
68462JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: action to reset sorter for package08/07/2015 12:01 PM
68882JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalEventscripter: add event for controller new links (downloadList and linkCollector)08/14/2015 08:49 AM
69014JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: alt+tab app switch focus issues08/16/2015 09:47 AM
69084JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: disk free manager , add support for (soft/hard)links07/24/2020 12:52 PM
69518JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: remember last X (advanced settings) search entries08/23/2015 04:54 PM
69579JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add size column to quickfilter08/24/2015 09:14 AM
70027JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: history feature for package names08/31/2015 11:14 AM
70030JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalPackagizer: Iterative global regex, add a way to do it in java08/31/2015 12:19 PM
70165JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add action "open extract-to folder" to archive context menu09/02/2015 09:05 AM
71780JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: open download folder, customize to not open root folder09/26/2015 09:34 AM
71821JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: horizontal spinner possible, maybe advanced settings09/26/2015 07:18 PM
72118JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: audio ping when adding offline file09/30/2015 03:58 PM
72711JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: action to reapply packagizer rules10/08/2015 02:07 PM
72953JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: search for url07/09/2019 05:14 PM
73040JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalEventscripter/Scheduler: event to start a script from eventscripter10/12/2015 12:08 PM
73437JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: download list overview, show complete finished after 10/20/2015 11:26 AM
73545JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: allow "Set DownloadFolder" action in menubar10/23/2015 12:11 PM
73872JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: quickfilter, add enabled/disabled10/27/2015 02:44 PM
73913JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDeep Analyse: option to configure number of deep decryption levels12/12/2015 02:30 PM
74089JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI/Controlling: add a way to change hoster link10/30/2015 09:49 AM
75161JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: new filter view, partitial downloaded11/12/2015 09:27 AM
75466JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalJDShutdown: Add Bubble Notification / Countdown11/16/2015 03:01 PM
75837JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster: youtube comments11/25/2015 12:38 PM
75938JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDevsOnly: svn tag for changelog entries11/30/2015 07:47 PM
75981JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDecrypter: hoster auswahl einbauen12/03/2015 10:28 AM
76004JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: linkcrawler Balloon, show size information12/04/2015 04:03 PM
76087JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalExtension: filebot extension to load installed filebot and call it directly12/07/2015 04:13 PM
76095JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add regex rename dialog for packages12/08/2015 09:18 AM
76132JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalPut information about average speed in log12/10/2015 05:00 PM
76221JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: trayicon, add extraction action12/16/2015 01:49 PM
76251JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalExtraction: subfolder rules, add 'and','or','and/or' instead of hardcoded and12/18/2015 12:09 PM
76477JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: update import proxy regex01/03/2016 12:29 PM
76478JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: Add setting for DISABLED color03/09/2020 02:52 PM
76565JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalExtraction: add global/archive option to *only* extract files without folder structure01/08/2016 12:35 PM
76568JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster: Winfuture Videos01/08/2016 03:54 PM
76584JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster: Uschovna.cz01/09/2016 02:06 PM
76587JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: live update list overview while selecting items01/09/2016 02:50 PM
76604JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: add *Global Linkfilter* Toggle Button to Menubar Editor01/11/2016 09:12 AM
76605JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: reset clipboard monitoring content on *disable clipboard monitoring*01/11/2016 09:17 AM
76606JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster/Decrypter: fotopolska.eu01/11/2016 09:31 AM
76607JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster/Decrypter: INA.fr01/11/2016 09:38 AM
76608JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: dropdown menu for remembered passwords01/11/2016 09:44 AM
76609JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDecrypter: Flickr plugin improvement01/11/2016 09:51 AM
76630JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: advanced settings for expanded state of various package01/13/2016 10:10 AM
76631JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: change advanced settings for expanded state to allow specific packages01/13/2016 10:13 AM
76632JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: extract files, add hide to icon button for info window04/04/2016 01:28 PM
76639JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalControlling: advanced settings to specify top/bottom position for internal packages(various,offline)01/14/2016 09:39 AM
76651JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI: show eta in extraction window/popup, add more information10/23/2017 11:56 AM
76755JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster/Decrypter: br-klassik01/20/2016 09:21 AM
76766JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster/Decrypter: buffer.com01/20/2016 04:54 PM
76778JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalGUI/Controlling: plugin properties support01/21/2016 10:13 AM
76833JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalShutdownextension: add support to shutdown when all files are done or at least tried once01/25/2016 03:36 PM

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