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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated gallery: Password protected support broken08/13/2020 02:20 PM
88689JDownloaderFeatureNewLowHoster: literotica.com08/13/2020 01:56 PM
88381JDownloaderFeatureWaiting for FeedbackLowDecrypter: xxx site, 111davpspzockerscene08/12/2020 12:47 PM
84774JDownloaderBugNewNormalHoster/Decrypter: Youku.com08/12/2020 12:44 PM
84178JDownloaderBugNewNormalHoster: facebook.com08/12/2020 09:24 AM
87806JDownloaderBugNewLowDECRYPTER - - (Rev. 40740 | 42461)08/11/2020 08:54 PM
87233JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalHoster: xxx sites08/11/2020 03:39 PM
87662JDownloaderFeatureNewLowDecrypter: xxx site, gallery08/11/2020 03:19 PM
87552JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDecrypter: xxx site, user gallery support08/11/2020 03:03 PM
87203JDownloaderFeatureWaiting for FeedbackLowHoster/Decrypter: xxx site08/11/2020 03:01 PM
87069JDownloaderBugNewLowHoster: xxx site08/11/2020 02:49 PM
87035JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalDecrypter: xxx site, adding users whole video galleries08/11/2020 02:47 PM
88676JDownloaderFeatureNewLowConnection Manager: Add sort by column08/11/2020 01:17 PM
88675JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalBrowserCaptchaSolver: Add setting to disable captcha dialog while leaving solver functionality intact08/10/2020 05:21 PM Add hcaptcha support08/10/2020 04:46 PM
88673JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalMyJDownloader Extension: Add hotkey for "Download with JDownloader"mrc08/10/2020 04:42 PM
88672JDownloaderFeatureNewNormalMyJDownloader Extension: Add links with additional properties mrc08/10/2020 04:39 PM
88114JDownloaderFeatureWaiting for FeedbackNormalCrossSystem isOpenBrowserSupported and openURL: Allow Headless to open URLs via browser addon - better OAuth login handling / flow08/07/2020 03:50 PM
71553JDownloaderFeatureAssignedUrgentControlling: add/move from downloadlist back to linkgrabberjiaz08/07/2020 02:21 PM
88198JDownloaderBugAssignedHighDevsOnly: review Http/Socks Proxy timeout handlingjiaz08/07/2020 02:58 AM
87583JDownloaderBugNewNormalCaptcha: Cutcaptcha ( issues08/06/2020 03:08 PM plugin doesn't download highest quality availablepspzockerscene08/05/2020 03:40 PM
88660JDownloaderBugNewLowToolbar menu editor add action dialog is too small by default so options are cut off08/04/2020 06:29 PM
88659JDownloaderBugNewNormalHLS subtitle download failure / add HLS subtitle download support08/04/2020 04:34 PM
88657JDownloaderBugNewNormal[KernelVideoSharingCom] camvideosorg broken07/31/2020 06:20 PM

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