Feature #88114

CrossSystem isOpenBrowserSupported and openURL: Allow Headless to open URLs via browser addon - better OAuth login handling / flow

Added by pspzockerscene 10 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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JD is not yet really good at oauth login stuff.
Key issues are:
- We cannot auto-open URLs on all systems (e.g. not on headless)
- We cannot back-link into JD --> Plugin the way oauth would usually work

The idea would be as a first step, to allow JD to open URLs even on headless if user has browser extension installed.
The 2nd step would be to fully support oauth by allowing "back links" which would go back into JD again.

See upcoming changes in imgur.com plugin.

See other oauth-like login flows as example:
- premiumize.me (needs special account option to be enabled)
- alldebrid.com (well not exactly oauth but also requires opening an URL - this one would not require any "back-link")
There might be 2-3 other examples which I cannot remember at this moment.

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Please share your thoughts in this ticket.

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