Feature #83552

Notifications / Service messages [from (M)OCHs] inside JDownloader (also potential advertising-method)

Added by pspzockerscene almost 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:05/19/2017
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Target version:040 - FarfarAway


First of all - I have no idea whether similar tickets regarding this topic exist, I was unable to find any.

Some time ago, I already thought about this as different OCHs and MOCHs got different service situations and whenever there are e.g. major issues, both our support and their support will get overrun by complaining users.

So wouldn't it be easier to send such status / service messages to JDownloader users and display them in JDownloader?

- Maybe less support load as users get informed about issues (and how long it takes to solve them) automatically
- (M)OCHs can spread their current service-status more widely among their customers

- Can be abused by (M)OCHs for spam / advertising
- Potentially annoying for our users
[Messages could also go to AppWork servers first --> Approval --> Then get displayed in JDownloaders to prevent abuse of that system]

- Could officially be supported by JD as a kind of advertising API

All in all, I do not see a high demand for this at the moment.
Also because this feature is relying on API calls from both sides, chances of it getting used by a lot of services are low.

Maybe a dedicated "service-status" field would be more suitable and has less abuse-potential but again - do not expect it getting used by more than a hand full of (M)OCHs.

I got this request again which is why I created the ticket.
Even if it gets declined - at least you have read about the idea then.

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