Bug #78305

Controlling bug: Stop sign ignored if exception is thrown

Added by editestowy almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/08/2016
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a) 5 packages in the download list - 1,2,3 from hoster A, 4,5 from hoster B
b) Max simult. download = 2
c) Stop sign set for package 3
d) Start download - when the plugin for hoster A throws exception (i.e. ERROR_IP_BLOCKED, ERROR_HOSTER_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE - waittime etc) then the Stop is ignored - packages 4,5 (or any from other hoster than A) are download.

Also: neither status nor ETA are shown for packages/links 1,2,3:
Plugin throws exception:
throw new PluginException(LinkStatus.ERROR_HOSTER_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE, getPhrase("MAX_DOWNLOAD"), 10 * 60 * 1000l);
logs show the given reason:
--ID:98TS:1460151801481-4/8/16 11:43:21 PM - [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException: Osi?gni?to maksymaln? liczb? sci?ganych jednocze?nie plików.
(getPhrase("MAX_DOWNLOAD") translation)

but status and waittime ETA (10 minutes) for next try are not displayed in

SVN verions displays status but no ETA...

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