Bug #76302

Downloads table not focussed on start-up

Added by arminbeispiel about 5 years ago.

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Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0


Although there's this line in the DownloadsPanel class in onShow():


the downloads table is not focussed on start-up. According to my research, DownloadsPanel.onShow() never gets called. It it called when setShown() is called. (See View.setContent() to see why setShown() is not called.)

I tried calling requestFocusInWindow() in JDGui.internalInitLocationAndDimension() after

WindowManager.getInstance().setVisible(mainFrame, true, FrameState.OS_DEFAULT);

but this still doesn't work. The only thing I got to work was the following (at the location previously mentioned):
new DelayedRunnable(5000) {
    public void delayedrun() {

(There's some delay with the menu bar and tool bar happening until the GUI is fully loaded. Obviously, requestFocusInWindow() only has effect thereafter.)

OS: Windows 8.1

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