Feature #66964

Controlling: archive-> check complete, load from part 1 to end

Added by jiaz over 5 years ago.

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An option to wait (and skip if needed) files from a package, if any part before is not available. (Ideally this option can be activated by a pattern/filter, such as "\.part\d+\.rar")

If a package contains a multipart archive, then there is no point to download part3, if part1 can not be obtained.
This can either be because:
- part1 is offline (by the time the download is reached in the list)
- part1 require a premium account (due to size), but part3 (last part) is smaller)

The decision for each part would ideally wait until the pars before have been tried.
Optionally waiting could be skipped if all missing previous parts are available (and online) on more than one hoster.

3a) Similar to the above, but always wait with any later part, until the download for any part before has been started.

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