Feature #63905

GUI: search filenames and comment at once

Added by jiaz over 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/18/2015
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It would be nice if my search string could match filenames, comments, and I guess package name. Maybe instead of the current dropdown menu, we could have a popup with checkboxes and a clear / set-all.

BTW, the hoster / status things are kind of the odd man out in the current search functionality. Maybe filtering on those should be separate from filtering on filename/comment/package name. So you could search for "foo" == filename, on hoster "rg|ul", with status wait.

But having multiple filtering boxes would take too much space, and it would be easy to forget to clear the ones you weren't interested in. So maybe search syntax like status:waiting or hoster:datafile would work.

This would maybe have to change the search behaviour to tokenize by words, instead of the current spaces-aren't-special glob expression match. But I'd actually like it if "word1 word2" could match comments like "word2 blah blah word1", unless I used quotes.

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