Feature #62570

Update/Build: Change how we release into public JDownloader 2.0 BETA

Added by raztoki almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:01/28/2015
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Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0


I recommend that we create multiple tags/releases of JDownloader 2.0, so that when you have a specific user with an issue you can push updates into release that doesn't have many users. We actually never announce this release/branch to end users. The files are only kept on one update server, so that we don't waste harddrive space and traffic.

Have an advanced setting (or maybe hidden setting via cli), in which defines 'public beta' or 'public svn' or something along those lines. It needs a way to also revert this when we are satisfied, our fix is good, to change user settings back standard release, without loosing current updates.

'build > full public' pushes to everyone, 'build > full svn' pushes to that release only. This way end users do not receive 100s of update notification in the name of development testing. It will eliminate countless enquiries about so many updates ref: https://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=61857

For example, yesterday 5 core build fulls in ~1hour,

28781             01/27/2015 07:30 PM    coalado    
28780             01/27/2015 07:17 PM    coalado    
28779             01/27/2015 06:37 PM    coalado    
28778             01/27/2015 06:35 PM    coalado    
28777             01/27/2015 06:28 PM    coalado    

and then

28792             01/28/2015 01:23 AM    coalado    
28791             01/28/2015 01:08 AM    coalado    
28790             01/28/2015 12:52 AM    coalado    

end of the day, push a single build full!

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