Feature #60078

Add setting/possibility to also use extract password list fo manual extraction

Added by pspzockerscene about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:12/08/2014
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Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0
Resolution:Can't reproduce


Okay here the case:
User downloads a password protected archive using JD with extraction disabled for this file.
The password for this archive is already in the password list.
Now the user wants to manually extract the archive via contextmenu in JD.
JD will then ask for the password which is okay because it knows that the user is there and if the user has a huge passwordlist, cracking the PW will take more time than asking the user.
But what if:
-The user wants JD to crack the password anyways (because user knows the needed password is in the list)
-The user simply went away and the dialog is unanswered

My ideas to solve this case:
--Add another button in the "Password?" dialog - something like "Use extract password list"
--Try unrar pw list if either user enters a wrong extract password X times or user enters nothing (or does not even answer the dialog)
--Add advanced setting to maybe always use passwordlist first for manual extraction before asking the user --> I think this would be the easiest way as the current behavior should be okay for most of the users and an additional button would just make it more complicated as maybe a normal user does not even know that a passwordlist exists!
--Do the handling depending on the size of the passwordlist e.g. if the user has a "huge" passwordlist, ask him first, if he only got e.g. 1-100 passwords in there, try cracking first - maybe with advanced setting to define, how many passwords the passwordlist can have so that JD uses it first. --> In my opinion, the best way to handle this!

To sum it up: At the moment there is no way to use the passwordlist if a user extracts an archive manually via contextmenu.

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