Feature #5399

[JD2Beta]Add possibility to break long running LinkGrabber/LinkCollector tasks

Added by editestowy about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:06/28/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:030 - Version > 2.xxx


This will lead to a long running task which can't be broken,
and some of key functionalities are waiting for it to complete:
(xample links and password for decrypted folder
http://jdownloader.org/pastebin/88179 (over 950 links))

1. After resolving Captcha, LinkGrabber finds the links (4 mirror servers),
creates default package and starts to add links to it
2. Beacuse the large number of links it takes a lot of time to finish the
LinkCollector task (10 minutes or more for the example links)
3. In the meantime some other functionalities do not/stopped to work:
-- pressing stop LinkGrabber activity: only "Stop" the LG activity icon
-- pressing Start/Stop Download - no effect
-- Selecting Restart JD - no effect
-- Selecting Exit JD (with option dialog to break LinkGrabber activity) - no effect
-- Selecting (X) icon (standard icon to exit Windows application) - displays dialog to
select: close to tray or close JD - selecting close JD will only... close it to tray. :)
Links are still added, JD is waiting for LinkCollector to add all of them and then it again

I've tried to experiment with advanced settings for LinkCollector (dolinkcheck on/off),
increase maxthreads for LinkCrawler etc, but no visible results for speeding the finishing
the task. User has either to wait untill all the links are added or kill the JD process.

Please verify if the "Cancel LinkGrabber" really works or add the possibility to
break the long LinkGrabber/LinkCollector task after defined period of time

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