Feature #4980

Add function to get/set captchatype for easier configuration

Added by pspzockerscene over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:05/24/2012
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Target version:040 - FarfarAway


This is an idea i had:
At the moment we don't really do much with our anticaptcha and stuff but anyways:
We have methods and if a plugin asks for a captcha JD usually looks for a method which contains the domain of the hoster in it's services.
Also we have the possibility to tell JD which domain to use (i hope this is understandable):
String code = getCaptchaCode("askfor.methodof.this-domain", captchaurl, downloadLink);
My suggestion would be to extend this so we don't only have hostnames but also captchatypes:
String code = getCaptchaCode("askfor.methodof.this-domain", captchaurl, downloadLink, "captchatype");
The advantages of that:
Users don't have to mess around with the domains anymore.
Every request of a reCaptcha captcha is done like this:
String code = getCaptchaCode(captchaurl, downloadLink, "recaptcha");
In the end, users can chose (via option) to handle all captchas of type "xy" with a specified method.
The biggest advantage if this would realyl be that no one had to always keep their jacinfo.xml up to date with domains of one kind of a captcha (reCaptcha is the best example here).

Sure we could just always do it like the workaround but with this we have more possibilities and more and easier ways to configure it.

Maybe it's a good suggestion, maybe stupid, it just came up in my mind ;)

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