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Youtube v2 plugin settings

Added by raztoki about 6 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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make it less confusing! Re-order layout and remove redundant settings.

Break down of image

re: 'Title' 'Quick enable/disable of best at group' 'formats' == just informative headings for development.

Right of 'Best Media Types', put heading new information: "'best' will return 1 link from each of the following groups."

place 'additional media types' under 'best media types' with line separators

remove default variants, and place checkboxes adjacent to drop down menus.

Subtitles, Make the drop down based on availability of languages. Place subtitles within additional media types. Either user wants subtitle or they don't.
If I'm wrong on this, Please explain how does JD determine 'best' subtitle? The only way I could see best working if the user could rank each language (along the lines http://svn.jdownloader.org/issues/2545#note-5 (see image)), say if they speak multiple languages but they prefer 'English 'and then' German 'and then' Japanese.

remove proxy, users should use connection manager entry rule set to whitelist 'youtube.com'

youtube-JD2_less_confusing_settings.png (160 KB) raztoki, 07/23/2014 02:36 PM

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