Bug #26737

Updater: More silent options

Added by coalado almost 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:04/08/2014
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:030 - Version > 2.xxx


Nevertheless I encountered a strange starting behaviour of the new version. Because of the beta state it's necessary to check for updates and download them everytime I start the application. I see the point of that. What I don't see, is why the update progress needs to be in focus and in front of every window on a Windows machine? I presume that the "normal" user wants to get always the latest updates but isn't interested in the way of getting them neither how and when they are installed. You implemented a lovely feature to hide all dialogs in order to not disturb the user. But with this feature enabled the user isn't informed about the need of entering a captcha. Wich is a drawback if he's a free user or if he's downloading something from a hoster, which doesn't match his premium account hoster. It would be very nice if you would implement a way of only hinding the update progress at the starting procedure.

Another problem I got is that JDownloader starts always maximized. I've set it to start minimized in the tray addon but it won't work. Maybe it's because of the update JDownloader is doing before. The tray addon is active and works properly after the starting procedure.

All of you are doing a great job in developing the new JDownloader! I hope I made my point clear without beeing cruel or disrespectful for the great work you are doing. Keep on that whay!

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