Bug #2601

JDunrar and JDmerge should show an icon for waiting assemblies

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:11/01/2010
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Target version:040 - FarfarAway
Resolution:Wont Fix


When JDunrar determines that a collection of links is downloaded and ready for extraction, an Icon should be displayed in the status bar (at the bottom of the screen). There could be many such icons in this queue. As the extraction progresses, the "Hour hand" on the icon should show an estimated % completion (actually half of what is shown in the Status column, since that bar keeps bouncing at 100%).

When the extraction is complete, the other functions should have a different icon [ maybe a right turn arrow? ].
The steps of post processing (not all occur for each link/assembly) are:
  1. Check file against checksum (it is not a CRC) - Label "Checking (MD5)", then "Check OK (MD5)",
  2. Extract or merge, The list of warnings should go into the .info file,
  3. Move the resulting files,
  4. Rename the resulting file if there is only one and rename has been specified,
  5. Move the .info file,
  6. delete the source files if requested,
  7. delete the directory if it is empty,
  8. mark the links as Finished,
  9. record that the assembly is finished in the .info file,
  10. delete the links if requested, and
  11. delete the package/assembly if it is empty.

The same is true for JDmerge.

This queue of operations should be saved for the next session. Right now, if there are several assemblies waiting for extraction and one is currently extracting, if the session is ended, there is no record of what needs to be done the next session (all of those extractions, including the extraction in progress). The current postprocess should also be recorded.

I know that this all looks like work on the JDunrar (JDextract) and JDmerge addons, but I am marking it controlling, because in addition to the addon work, there is the GUI representation of the operation queue, a change in operation to assure that each of the operations are processed for any file if necessary, possibly database identification of Mirrors and Assemblies (which would make a lot of this easier), and saving the operation queue in the database.

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