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Away mode and Full Screen mode - two closely related requirements

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Target version:040 - FarfarAway


One of the requirements for proper handling of status that each time a dialogue times out, the link is given a temporary status of User Needed. When the user returns, the User Needed status is reset on all links. Just as after Reconnect, Restart, or other interruptions, the links with no current activity (so called Idle status) are processed in their turn as if the interruption never occurred.

Another requirement for the future is a Headless mode in which no GUI is displayed on the local desktop. This is equivalent to "Full Screen mode" (sometimes called Game mode), in which programs detects that the Graphic Adapter is in Full Screen mode and the program does not attempt to display. Finally, there are "Screen saver" and "Display power saving" modes in which programs should not attempt to display.

Away mode can be controlled by a toggle or by dialogue timeout. However, Full Screen mode, Headless mode, Screen Saver mode, and Display power saving mode should all trigger away mode.

Away mode is required for proper downloading. Triggering it when dialogues time out is easy. However, there are many requests (in at least 3 languages) for a Full Screen mode. This is partly fuelled by the existence of such a mode in other products (I tell users that JD does not add features, just because other products have them) and partly by aggravation when a game or video is ruined.

The user needed status is a high priority feature, because of its relationship with consistent status handling. It is my understanding that the managers have approved (in principle) a change in which the plugins return a consistent Status and substatus (reason) and decision making is done at a higher level. This kind of change and the new download engine should be done together. The change is necessary for the event manager.

I would expect some sort of Away mode that stops displaying after a timed out dialogue or via a button, screen saver status, or possibly Full screen mode (which is harder) should be partly implemented in the next version (timed out dialogue and possibly the Away Button) and the rest should be for version after next (so that it is done before the version that includes the event manager).

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