Feature #2350

Voluntary statistics reporting

Added by drbits about 10 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:09/05/2010
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:coalado% Done:


Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0


An addon that reports usage statistics as part of the the Update Check. Could add question about activation to first run after installation. User is identified by Java-Time (64 bits) when the addon is activated. This identification is only used for this purpose and changes if the user deactivates/activates the addon. The purpose of the ID is only to estimate number of participants.

Purpose: Feedback on how JDownloader is used. Remove some of the bias caused by the difference between registered and non-registered users.

Statistics are all either instantaneous (the current value) or since last report. This avoids problems in the unlikely possibility that two users have the same ID.

Statistics to report (all since last report):
Hours since last report
Hours of JDownloader use since last report
Total JDownloader sessions since last report
KiB downloaded as free user from each host since last report
KiB downloaded as premium user from each host since last report
Count of links downloaded
Count of Packages (instantaneous, not since last report)
Count of links (instantaneous, not since last report)
Count of extractions and merges of files
Count of new links added via 9666 (LG)
Count of bad links added via 9666 (LG)
Count of new links added via Container (LG)
Count of bad links added via Container (LG)
Count of total new links added (LG)
Count of total bad links added (LG)
Count of Reconnections
Count of errors in DL
Count of program abort (closing the program without time to same all data) as detected on next start.
Count of manual changes to packages (LG & DL):
a) merge packages
b) delete link
c) move link(s) within package or sort package
d) move link(s) to another package
e) Rename package
f) Enable (total links)
g) Disable (total links)
h) Resume (total links)
i) Reset (total links)
j) Deletion of links (total)
k) Deletion of complete links (total)
l) Deletion of Disabled or Erroneous links (total)
j) Delete package
k) Rename package or change download directory
Language setting (instantaneous)
OS & version (instantaneous)
Java and JD version (instantaneous)

DO NOT collect
Username, IP, Error messages, URLs, file names, directory names, partitions, disks,

None of the accumulated information collected for this purpose may appear in a log and the ID used for this addon may not appear in a log. Other than the ID, instantaneous information should appear in the log.

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