Bug #2266

Deletion of Link, deletes in progress download file

Added by jiaz over 10 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:AssignedStart date:08/20/2010
Priority:HighDue date:
Assignee:jiaz% Done:


Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0


if i add 2 links from 2 different hoster for the same file (=equal filename) to the download pane and jd starts downloading from the first one then i dont need the other one - so far so good but when i delete the other (now unneeded) link jd will also delete the file it currently downloads to!... im on linux so jd will silently continue to download and write to that file - and the kernel will silently add all data to a sparse file... and when jd closes that file (when its finished) the kernel will happily and silently remove the file completely.... (talking about a fail-fail-situation... completely downloaded and deleted on success)

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