Feature #2096

Redesign of Downloads context menu

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:07/26/2010
Priority:UrgentDue date:08/15/2010
Assignee:coalado% Done:


Target version:010 - Next Major Public Release 1.xxx


An implementation of a workable context menu is required for a release. As far as I can tell, there is no finalized design. The current Nightly menu is a prototype that is much worse than the 9579 context menu and does not meet user needs.

Regarding thartist's comments (http://svn.jdownloader.org/issues/show/1815#note-9) I had not seen that note until today. Thartist mentions creating a design, but I have not found it. Users have complained about the lack of Resume and Force start in the main context menu. Resume is the most used command. It is clear that there are some misunderstandings about what some commands do and the design I had proposed separates the commands used by testers and developers under the word Advanced.

To me the most important principles are:
1) Only one ambiguous submenu name should be in the main context menu (More, Options, Advanced, Extras - pick 1).
2) Extend submenus, rather than using third level menus (third level menus are too hard on those of us with certain handicaps (who cannot keep a mouse steady) or who have pointing devices that move on their own acsord). Both of these apply to me.
3) The menu bar should be designed with the ideal, but the context menu is supposed to be a subset of the items in the menu bar for convenience and to emphasize direct manipulation. The most used commands should be in the main line of the context menu, regardless of the ideal.
4) Enable/Disable are a pair of USER commands. Disable is often associated with errors, but this is due to bugs. Errors should be identified by icons and must be propagated to package level (currently, there is often no indication of serious errors at the package level. Implementing this can wait.)
5) Complex collections of commands (like the Delete all X commands) should not be in the context menu.
6) The first two entries in the menu should not be dangerous. The Properties menu item must be last and any ambiguously named menu items must immediately precede Properties.
6) The final design should be reviewed by a user experienced in Nightly before it is implemented.

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