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Mini-tutorial project

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Status:NewStart date:06/20/2010
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Target version:040 - FarfarAway


Hello everyone
I've been busy designing a mini-tutorial, a sort of welcome screen that would introduce you as you open JDownloader for the first time. After i started with this, Greeny told me that coincidentally devs were thinking of implementing something like this, so it suddenly became relevant.

I had a set of special goals in mind, and observing how frequent it is too see some design mistakes attached to old habits, i wanted to take the chance to make a difference for JDownloader.
My goals were:
1) making it simple and easy to catch, and mostly visual instead of packed with lots of extensive information
2) have some elements that from this point start creating an image of what the user will see later
3) avoid recurring to external links and opening a browser, because doing so is simply nagging. if we can do it in place, much better.
4) having all of this in a simple way, to avoid users closing it in a snap! (instant mission fail)
5) Also the hardest of all for cases like this, avoid the "Next Next Next click frenzy" implementation. the tutorial goes to waste like that.

.So, here is the simplest and less intimidating welcome screen there is, with the aforementioned goals in mind. Trying to avoid intimidation and the feel of "oh, this is a waste of time. [close]".
.It includes the LinkGrabber and Downloads icons to give it some color, looking rather charming and starts showing some relevant items of the interface.
The title is repeated but i guess the screen has to say something like that.
.Also, having only 3 buttons with an accompanying line above showing the three steps, removes the panic of a hassle of having a million steps that pile up confusion. There's no negative reaction to the welcome screen this way. And so much for the welcome screen...

.Then the second and third screens, with a small pic of the relevant tabs (with the other tab present but blurred to associate both but highlighting the one on topic) and appearing in the order of JD's usage.
.Both give 3 tips on who to proceed and a piece of advice to find more options, addressing usual initial doubts and misconceptions in a brief text.
.It would be ideal that on clicking those buttons, the Linkgrabber tab and Downloads tab were also selected in the background, so that the user can even better see what we are showing him/her.

1) A Welcome screen
2) A starting guide, a simple one
3) A helping hand for newcomers

1) An extensive, intensive tutorial
2) A resource guide
3) A traditional design

So, i expect your kind commentaries. Finally this should also be available in the help menu.
See you later, thanks for your attention.

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