Bug #1865

UI Hangs in Nightly 11547 (Also 11434, but not well documented)

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:06/01/2010
Priority:ImmediateDue date:
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Category:GUIEstimated time:2.00 hours
Target version:010 - Next Major Public Release 1.xxx


After scrolling through links for a while, the mouse cursor changes to an hourglass and the program becomes completely unresponsive to keyboard or mouse. Apparently, downloading continues even though the UI is unresponsive. In Windows, the title bar (minimize, etc.) is still usable, but UI response is not restored by minimizing and restoring (which usually works). Two users reporting.

The Tray icon is also unresponsive (the "JDownloader" tooltip appears, but the status balloon that usually follows does not appear and right clicking, left clicking, or double clicking has no apparent effect.

The database is not saved to disk during this period. However, if JD is started as Java (not Javaw), a Ctrl+C in the command window does show the "Hurry up and save the database message" and I believe the database is saved at that point.

I have left JD unresponsive for over 2 hours to see if it would become responsive again. It did not.

Apparently not related to memory limitations, memory workspace size, CPU starvation, or other system level limitations.
IT looks like almost all CPU time is spent in one thread once the UI stops responding.

I have not tested response to port 9666 or 10035.

My database is large (over 18 000 links, about 170 packages). The other user mentioned scrolling through around 1000 (I think it is links in one package).

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