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LinkGrabber - "backwards usage flow" improvements

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Target version:010 - Next Major Public Release 1.xxx


Hello devs. This time, I have again a lot of talk, to make a small fix, that makes a huge improvement. ;) On to the thing:

Repositioning the LinkGrabber buttons

As every time my proposition is based on the first impression experience, and the importance that at first eye-contact with the interface the user can easily decipher the usage interface flow. Where to start, where to go next and where to end. These is also ideal for everyday usage after the point past the first day.

So, on this base i've noticed that there could be some modifications on the "LinkGrabber to Downloads" tab.

First i suggest that in the LinkGrabber, the "Add Links..." and "Add container..." buttons are placed in the middle; what for? to catch the immediate attention of the eyes, to force the eyes into what he can and will do in that tab.
Once links are added and verified, the next thing the user will tend to do is, well... wonder how the download is supposed to start. In fact that is why i've rewritten the "Continue with all" button into "Add All To Downloads" in all-first-capital-letters that stand out above from the rest of the LinkGrabber buttons, because "Continue" will probably give an idea of still having to do something else, but Add All To Downloads gives an idea of a sure step. And you know, the three dots in "Add Links..." and "Add container..." say that these open dialogs instead of executing an immediate action.

"Add All To Downloads" icon change
In that new place, it would be optimal to in fact "connect" the function of that button with the Downloads tab, so that it is even clearer that that is the thing to do. You know, many don't get the idea that you have to start the process by adding links in the second tab, and go to the first tab to see the thing happen. That is in fact what i've been thinking as the "backwards usage flow (but i'll leave that to some other time). Anyway, the connection with the icon will probably further wipe any doubts.

LinkGrabber toolbar above by default
To further point the user to focus in the upper part of the program, and to reinforce usage cohesion, the buttons should be above by default, completely centering usage navigation on the upper part of the program.

linkgrabber-usage-flow-improvement.jpg (143 KB) thartist, 05/19/2010 07:32 AM

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