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Assorted GUI improvement recommendations

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Target version:020 - Next Release 2.0


These are described in detail in the referenced board thread.
Discussions about recommended naming and icons have been proceeding in the board for months.
1) When a file is deleted, different hosts display different messages. The messages should be consistent:
either Deleted, Deleted: reason (such as Deleted: unused or Deleted: censored). If the status of a file is not known, then report Unknown: reason (such as Unknown: host busy or Unknown: communication error). All messages should be consistent enough that somebody can script with them in the event manager.
2)There should be three status strings for display to the user. The Status (such as Deleted, Found, Unknown, User Needed, Retryable, and so on). The substatus is the short explanation. Both of these should be entries in the language file and there should be a small number of statuses and substatuses for each. The third string is the longer explanation (often from the host); this should be displayed in the properties pane.
3) Currently, the [Not Available] status does not mark the package with the orange error dot.
3a) Not Found messages from Check Link Status (from Download page) also does not set the orange error dot.
4) Status changes (such as resume or reset) do not always show on links, until the mouse cursor visits that line in the grid.
5) "File loaded from other source" appears to be the new text for "File exists", but the bugs still exist (the status should not be marked until the download is complete). There should be a status message like "File locked" or "File in use" when it is discovered that a mirror has started. The problem is that files can receive this status when no file is downloaded.
6) The properties pane still hides the info pane. These should not overlap unless they are movable (or dockable).
7) The most important link status text is still not kept between sessions. Sometimes temporary text is kept.
8) Passwords are still not always kept when packages are merged. The easy fix is to add the password to the auto-password list.
9) We still have to click on a package for Find, Move to top, or Move to bottom.
10) The warnings for turning off automatic reconnect (no warning necessary here) and reset are missing the "Do not show this again" check box. The reset warning dialog is also still missing the number of files to be deleted.
11) The captcha popups are still misbehaving. Captchas and balloons should be suppressed during full-screen or screen-saver modes.
12) Draging packages or links leaves the highlight in the wrong place. It appears on the drop target, instead of the dragged item.
13) Right clicking should not change which links or packages are highlighted.
14) Sometimes, a link will stop downloading before the end of file, but the loaded and filesize both have the same value at the end. The green disk does not appear and the part file is still present (as they should be).
15) Linktracker does not seem to find passwords with equal signs instead of colons.
16) Some commands (such as check for update) do not give any feedback unless there is something to do. Feedback is necessary.
17) The "Stop a downloading link" command still does not work (it isn't there).
18) Help should be available everywhere in the program by right clicking and clicking on Help (consistently either the first or last item)
19) Still getting "Fatal Error" when user is not present for a Captcha response. As with waits, JD should not proceed to the next link for the host under these conditions, and whatever the status message is, it should automatically reset.

Refer http://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=15948
Target version (and target version for event manager) is the release after the upcoming release (0.11.xxx)

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