Feature #1236

New standardized status and corresponding icons.

Added by drbits almost 11 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:02/02/2010
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Category:GUIEstimated time:8.00 hours
Target version:040 - FarfarAway


1) Types of objects:
Link (two chain links),
Package (file folder), and
Download Unit (file cabinet)
2) Status for a link. Packages and Download Units get the union of the links error status or the links success status if no error status.

Status                      Icon                            Numeric Value (Hex)

(Success so far)
(Propogate to containing object if no User Action Required)
Completed                   Green Check Mark over icon      80 00 00 00
Downloaded                  Blue Check Mark over icon       40 00 00 00
Downloading                 Green down arrow over icon      20 00 00 00
Actively waiting            Green analog clock              08 00 00 00
Available                   Green item icon in Linkgrabber  02 00 00 00

(Do no know what will happen)
Unchecked                   Blue item icon                  00 80 00 00
Temporarily unavailable     Blue analog clock               00 20 00 00
Mirror downloading          Blue Hand Mirror                00 08 00 00
Download temporary failure  Blue down arrow over icon       00 02 00 00

(User action required - Propogate to containing object)
Retried temporary failure   Orange down arrow over icon     00 00 80 00
Downloaded processing error Orange check mark over icon     00 00 20 00
Access Pasword Needed       Orange Key                      00 00 08 00
Download permanent failure  Orange box around icon          00 00 02 00

Mirror download complete    Orange Hand Mirror              00 00 00 80
Exact duplicate             Double orange item icons        00 00 00 20
Not found                   Orange Item Icon                00 00 00 08
Disabled (manually)         25% Grey background             00 00 00 01

Note: Colors are chosen to avoid color blindness problems (no red or yellow)
Green = Good
Blue = Do no know (DK)
Orange = Bad

Each grouping has its own two hex digits, with room to spare.

Will require standardized responses from Host plugins (Raw string, processed string, hex code, HTTP code). Status names are language dependent. Hex codes are not language dependent and should be used for sorting. Processed string is a longer list than this one, and is language dependent. Raw string and the two numeric codes should be available in Properties.

"Downloaded processing error" may serve too many purposes:
Split reassembly failed
Split missing parts
Archive extraction failed
Archive missing parts
Archive password wrong
Archive needa password from user
File contents do not match extension

"Download temporary failure" is a failure in the download, including
Host not accessible (Enters wait with host locked out)
Host busy (or no slots available) (Enters wait with host locked out)
Cannot write to disk
CRC error on download
Incomplete download

"Retried temporary failure" is a "Download temporary failure" that has been retried, but has run out of retries.

Should be included in release Next+1 or Next+2

Work time assumes a standardized interface for plugins has been implemented and provides the data mentioned above. It does not include time to draw PNGs. The status is designed to simplify drawing the PNGs. As discussed elsewhere, the buttons and toggles will be derived from these icons. For example, "Select all disabled" will be a hand around a link (select) with a 25% gray background.

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