Feature #1235

Filter, Search, and Sort on any grid column

Added by drbits almost 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:02/02/2010
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Category:GUIEstimated time:29.00 hours
Target version:040 - FarfarAway


Currently, one can sort on all of the column except status, the most important!
A status symbol column should be added to hold the status symbols and eliminate the space conflict with the status text. Status types are documented in the Icon thread on the board http://board.jdownloader.org/showpost.php?p=63561&postcount=13. For searching and sorting, the icons will be represented by their names (language dependent).

The link count for a Package (or Download Unit) should be separated into a Count column. The column should be displayed as aa/xxx/yyy, where aa is the number of active downloads in the collection (only shown if > 0), xxx is the remaining links to download (including those that are active) in the collection, and yyy is the total number of links in the collection (regardless of status). Link count will be sorted on the remaining links to download.

The host status symbols (Resumable, Premium, Working, and Stop) should be separated into a new column. This should be their display order, and they should be sorted as if this were a binary number.

Finally, a Remaining bytes column should be added. Currently, the Progress column serves this purpose, but it would be better if the Progress column displayed percent completion.

If a user clicks in a column and requests a search, the search should be in that column. If no column is selected, then the name column should be searched.

If a user clicks on the header of a column, and some of the packages (or Download Units) are selected, then the selected items will be sorted (and combined in one place). For an open Package (or Download Unit), the Package (or Download Unit) line shall serve the same purpose as the header line, but for sorting within the Package or Download Unit. The Sort menu command should work like clicking on a header.

The Find dialog shall have two more controls added. One is Search All Columns. The other is Select All Occurrences. Three more commands should be added to the Links (or View) menu: Show all, Hide all selected, and Hide all not selected.

Time estimate is 2 hours per new column (8), 3 hours to extend Find, 2 hours to add sort functionality to Package headers, 4 hours for Hide/Show, 4 hours for sorting of only selected items. 6 hours to write more test routines.

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