Feature #1203

Archive Units as a Class

Added by drbits over 10 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:01/23/2010
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Category:GeneralEstimated time:12.00 hours
Target version:040 - FarfarAway


Currently, LinkGrabber groups links into packages by removing the extension and part number. This groups the links that will be used to rebuild the original files in one package. For lack of a better term I call this group of links an Archive Unit.

JD should maintain the integrity of archive units by keeping the links together. I am suggesting the creation of an ArchiveUnit class that contains a list of the links, the archive password, the directory to store files into. It is very much like a Package, except that users must go through a warning prompt to move links out of an archive unit. Archive units can then be collected into Packages.

I do not know how archive units should appear in the Download and Linkgrabber trees.

I would like to see a validate() function in the class that checks that all parts are present, all but the last part are the same size (and the last < that size). It needs to know the extension and size of each part. A warning would help users avoid useless downloads.

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