Bug #11435

PluginException with LinkStatus.ERROR_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE does not increase RetryCount

Added by flubshi almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:02/27/2014
Priority:HighDue date:03/31/2014
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For a lot of (multi) hosts we throw a PluginException on specific errors and count the retries, to cause a differentiated error handling. For instance: try 3times the same link, but if it fails again: block host over this multi host.

Example code that won't work anymore:

                 * after x retries we disable this host and retry with normal plugin
                if (link.getLinkStatus().getRetryCount() >= 3) {
                    /* reset retrycounter */
                    tempUnavailableHoster(acc, link, 15 * 60 * 1000l, "Some errormsg"); //block host
                String msg = "We try it again (" + (link.getLinkStatus().getRetryCount() + 1) + "/" + 3 + ")";
                throw new PluginException(LinkStatus.ERROR_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE, msg, 20 * 1000l);

Because throw new PluginException(LinkStatus.ERROR_TEMPORARILY_UNAVAILABLE, msg, 20 * 1000l); doesn't increase link.getLinkStatus().getRetryCount() this error handling is completely broken.

As a consequence it says always "We try it again (1/3)" and an infinite loop occurs.

Please fix it!

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