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Wish: show more details of 9kw-ces when clicking on symbol in toolbar on bottom (solver available, captchas in work, waiting captchas in queue)

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Status:ClosedStart date:11/10/2013
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JD2 should read more details vom 9kw via api

at the moment: credits, solved captchas, answered captchas
see attached screenshot

JD2 should also show:
- how many solver are available
- how many captchas are in work by solver
- how many captchas are waiting in queue
- how many captchas doesnt have a feedback (if captcha was correct or not) --> normally jd2 can give a feedback automatically, but if there was a problem to give a feedback oder you use another Tool without auto-feedback (jd1, load!, etc), you know that you have to login to 9kw and give a feedback manually

reason for solver available, captchas in work, waiting captchas in queue:
if you sit in front of you computer, you can easily check how fast a captcha can be solved by 9kw. for example if there are less solvers or if there are a big queue, it would be better to disable ces an solve it manually

in a second step, i think it would be a good idea when you can define rules depending on this informations.
for example in night, when there are less solvers or a long waiting queue, some captchas would not be solved. some hosters (uploaded, cloudzer) become the same waiting time when you have downloaded a file (3 hours).
so in this case, you could define a rule that if there are f. ex. 5 solvers or less online, or if there are more than 20 captchas in queue, that a file will not be startet or sth like that
Do you unterstand what I mean?

you can get everything easily via api:

9kw.JPG (17 KB) Blacksun, 11/10/2013 09:43 AM

example.JPG (9.39 KB) Blacksun, 11/10/2013 09:43 AM

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