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01:03 PM JDownloader Bug #85347: Controlling: RAMDisk space check


12:04 AM JDownloader Bug #87263 (Waiting for Feedback): premiumize moch plugin, account support out of date
12:21 PM JDownloader Bug #86048 (Waiting for Feedback): MOCH plugin, reuse of cookie possible
Fix is online (with revision 40976). Please test it. Account refresh every 15 minutes and retry with 507 (plugin outd...
10:22 AM JDownloader Bug #87263: premiumize moch plugin, account support out of date
Account support out of date? What's wrong in your tests? Thread says the problem is not in jdownloader. Accountlogin ...


10:51 PM JDownloader Bug #83961 (Closed): djkies/sjkies plugin, too many captchas
10:27 PM JDownloader Feature #86371 (Rejected): [XFS] is down since months.
10:25 PM JDownloader Bug #86693 (Rejected): Hoster:, captcha issues? is down since months.
10:18 PM JDownloader Bug #85035 (Closed): Hoster: ReCaptcha - V1 Unssuported
ReCaptcha V1 is already down.
10:13 PM JDownloader Feature #64749 (Rejected): Captcha: Add support for AreYouAHuman is not longer available.
07:33 PM JDownloader Feature #80831 (Rejected):
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