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12:47 AM JDownloader Bug #9229 (New): mega.co.nz decrypting process blocks start of new download
If the max. connections per download is set to one and a mega.co.nz file (download finished) is in decrypting process...


01:06 PM JDownloader Bug #9113 (Closed): bandwidth filter in Main Menu does not work properly
In Main menu of the Main window the Bandwidth Spinner does not affect the Bandwidth filter properly.
I put 1.5...


10:22 PM JDownloader Bug #8821 (Closed): Same filenames of the same source of a download from different OCH not recogn...
Files downloaded from mega.co.nz will not be recognized if there is the same file (same filename) from a different Ho...
10:12 PM JDownloader Bug #8820 (Closed): Decrypting of MEGA.CO.NZ does not show progress in progressbar
A file which was downloaded from mega.co.nz does not show any progress of the state of the running decryption task.

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