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08:59 PM JDownloader Bug #5049: Dialog "File already exists" stops further downloads?!
Interesting find, nice solution


10:04 PM JDownloader Bug #5056: Translator
I agree. Easier to keep the intended meaning at sight if a translation is dubious.
(And welcome back for myself!)


06:10 AM JDownloader Bug #4295: plugin out of date
oh sorry, here are a log and example links.
links are actually down but JD reports them as online!


07:55 AM JDownloader Bug #4295 (Closed): plugin out of date


06:47 AM JDownloader Bug #4161: Discuss: Megaupload down, delete plugins?
i'll casually add this to the discussion. Don't know if legitimate or not.


09:09 AM JDownloader Feature #2591: Away mode and Full Screen mode - two closely related requirements
You can't add features ad infinitum untill everyone is happy. Full screen awareness is ok but, as it goes, we're clos...


08:03 AM JDownloader Bug #3909: improve spanish language
err... i guess that's not possible...
07:55 AM JDownloader Bug #3911 (Closed): improve Italian translation
07:53 AM JDownloader Bug #3909 (Closed): improve spanish language
ouch, that's italian, i maintain spanish.
i'll close and reopen the ticket correctly if you don't mind.


08:28 AM JDownloader Bug #3835 (Closed): ETA is calculated for the whole package instead of only the remaining links
Example: i have a package of 13 files with 12 already done and the last one currently downloading, and the ETA in the...

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