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06:24 PM JDownloader Bug #82490 (New): Package Properties when selecting multiple packages
When selecting multiple packages (e.g. in the LInkGrabber), there is only one package in the package properties panel...
01:46 PM JDownloader Bug #82484 (New): Menu Customizer Tooltips Missing
see screenshot.
01:44 PM JDownloader Bug #82483 (New): Menu Customizer UI/UX
In the menu customizer, submenus seem to be on the same level or even one level above the actual (main) menu item.


05:12 PM JDownloader Bug #76931 (Assigned): Selecting multiple rows in a table not working correctly
Only when the user starts the selection from outside/below the last table row.
What should happen: The rows should...


05:30 PM JDownloader Bug #66944 (New): JD always stays on top when switching virtual desktops on Mac OS
JD can't be drawn (drag & dropped) into another virtual desktop in "mission control", and stays in place/focus when s...


05:36 PM JDownloader Feature #63559 (New): Multiple Reconnect Profiles
If the user has multiple locations/networks where he wants to perform reconnects (e.g. a friend's home), JD could/sho...


10:29 AM JDownloader Bug #63527 (New): Shortcut Menu Entry
Access to adding/editing shortcuts should be easier.
Right now quite difficult to find:
Settings -> User Interfa...
10:17 AM JDownloader Bug #63525 (New): When customizing the right click menus, active tab jumps from settings to Linkg...
When trying to customize the right click menus, the active tab jumps from settings to Linkgrabber or Download Table.


10:17 AM JDownloader Bug #59044 (New): JDownloader partly out of screen on first start
See screenshot :)


03:40 PM JDownloader Bug #47760: Mac Firewall // Sign
Not sure, but is it possilbe to only sign the things that aren't updated? that might be against the reason for signin...

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