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02:51 AM JDownloader Bug #84946 (Closed): HOST - ServePornCom - (Rev. 38490) - pornomenge.com
was that in your IDE workspace or standard?
psp created a build block last Monday so standard wont receive updates....


09:15 AM JDownloader Bug #84578 (Closed): DECRYPTER - MangahostCom.java - (Rev. 38079)


08:56 PM JDownloader Bug #84953 (Closed): Hoster: zevera issues
resolved server side.


07:25 AM JDownloader Bug #84914: offcloud MOCH Plugin, try to load Links for hosters status Awaiting Demand
can you please explain what you mean by awaiting demand ?
the mouse over tool tip for supported hosts are bas...
07:18 AM JDownloader Bug #84920 (Closed): filestore.to hoster plugin, parallel dl possible
resolved with tonys last commit
06:48 AM JDownloader Bug #84935 (Closed): Hoster: depfile, com/us premium issues
account is expired (free account)
I was able to add it and all the code that supports said account works as intended...


12:39 PM JDownloader Bug #84928 (New): Bottom bar search & filter on specific host breaks package customiser rules
bug probably reported by other users but not able to identify issue.
12:32 PM JDownloader Bug #84925: opendrive.com moch plugin, account support out of date (problems account-checking)
I don't mean to be rude, but how does resubmitting the previous held 'Form' up to 3 times fix the issue?
I'm happy t...


01:22 AM JDownloader Bug #84882 (Closed): Decrypter: protect-mylinks.com
Applied in changeset r38473.
01:22 AM JDownloader Bug #84882 (Assigned): Decrypter: protect-mylinks.com

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