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04:11 AM JDownloader Bug #77505: JD no longer downloads.
Tried JD re-installation. Tried system reboot.
Is there a way to get back yesterday's version?
03:41 AM JDownloader Bug #77505 (Closed): JD no longer downloads.
After updating to Build Date: Wed Feb 24 01:25:22 CET 2016, JD 2 does not download any links.
I tried restarting sev...


04:31 AM JDownloader Bug #11026: Confusing package progress
If the active link is the first link in the package, the estimated time is based on the active link. If the active li...


09:25 PM JDownloader Feature #2540: Controlling: specify order of addon execution
Might have to wait for the Event Manager.


08:31 AM JDownloader Feature #4150: Add IPv6 support throughout
Note, the official (World Wide) roll-out of IPv6 as the official IP format is June 1, 2012.
By June 1, 2013, many...


08:56 AM JDownloader Feature #3393 (New): Add enabling and disabling add-ons to scheduler actions.
One important class of actions for the scheduler is to enable and disable add-ons (such as only enabling JD Shutdown ...
02:19 AM JDownloader Bug #3389: Disable change folder or find a better way to handle it
Change folder should apply only to Packages (or Assemblies in the future). If any of the links in a Package have begu...


09:04 AM JDownloader Feature #2308: CHANGE - Settings - Basics - User Interface - Toolbar Manager - Duplicated Icons
Refer to http://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=28276
User Paclanc suggested a format for new Container ico...


11:23 AM JDownloader Feature #3336 (New): Scheduler addon should support time ranges
Instead of scheduling individual Actions, it would be much more use friendly to schedule Activities to operate over a...
11:03 AM JDownloader Bug #1511: Scheduler plugin does not adjust to government clock changes
The scheduler times (and all stored times) *should be stored in UTC* for proper operation.
The displayed times sh...

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