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09:58 PM JDownloader Feature #85512 (Closed): Hoster:
Applied in changeset r39520.
09:58 PM JDownloader Bug #85433 (Closed): Hoster:
Applied in changeset r39520.
09:56 PM JDownloader Bug #84841 (Closed): MightyScriptAdLinkFly related issues and feature requests
Services from OuoIo are not compatible for MightyScriptAdLinkFly.
Everything works as desired now - ticket done!
09:04 PM JDownloader Feature #84162: Hoster:, quality selection
Will soon work on this
08:18 PM JDownloader Bug #85433: Hoster:
* there were several other point of failures
07:55 PM JDownloader Bug #85433 (Assigned): Hoster:
07:55 PM JDownloader Bug #85433: Hoster:
Issue is simple: Their captchas seem to be a little bit different from what our old captcha recognition for XFS hosts...
06:46 PM JDownloader Feature #85525: Captcha: new type, cutcaptcha
Possibly a browser solver thing?
06:43 PM JDownloader Feature #84611: Multihoster: &
Additional information:
"danke, kann geschlossen werden. proleech ist der "nachfolger von dailyleech."
06:05 PM JDownloader Bug #84793 (Assigned): Decrypter: galleries with password
Password protected galleries should work just fine.
GreeZ psp

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