From 03/22/2012 to 03/22/2012


08:51 pm Bug #4475 (Closed): Decrypter:
Applied in changeset r16196. Anonymous
06:37 pm Bug #4474 (Closed): password handling
Applied in changeset r16195. Anonymous
04:09 pm Feature #4477 (Closed): Decrypter:
add support raztoki
03:53 pm Bug #4476 (Closed): GUI: license in about dialog bug
click it and you will see it jiaz
10:06 am Bug #4475 (Closed): Decrypter:
fix raztoki
09:22 am Bug #4438 (Closed): login broken in stable, working in SVN (same rev)
works fine in stable/svn
09:15 am Bug #4472 (Closed): stop opening the links directly in the browser
Applied in changeset r16194. jiaz
09:13 am Bug #4473 (Closed): linkcheck is either still buggy or completely fails
Applied in changeset r16193. jiaz
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